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Create a portable version. This would save on system resources and enable the user to use the program on any computer on their home network without having to install the program.

Whiterabbit-uk, 05.10.2011, 07:09
Idea status: under consideration


NightKev, 05.10.2011, 10:21
I'm merely going to paste comment #14 by OldScotty:
I write Windows software programs; all my programs are portable, this simply means that they do not need information from the registry to be able to run. Hence, they could be installed on a USB stick and be used on a number of computers. However, transferring them from A USB stick to another computer does not necessarily mean they will run, as they still can be copy protected.
It is possible to protect my programs from copying without using the registry, however this does mean that to start my program takes approximately 3 times as long as if the registry was used, approximately 3 thousandths of a second compared to 1 thousandths of a second.
Even though a program is portable it does not mean it does not use the registry, it could use it for housekeeping, personally I don’t use it, I use INI files in the interests of system stability.
The fact that they are portable does not mean that the system runs more rapidly, or that they consume less system resources.
So please, no more nonsense claiming reduced resource use, nor increase in system speed just because a program is portable!
So yeah, please stop spreading disinformation about resource usage, and only make this request when it MAKES SENSE for the program to be portable (95% of the giveaways you post this idea on it's just totally irrelevant and it seems like you are just trying to game the system).
Steve, 05.10.2011, 21:27
Don't worry Rabbit fans. He' ll be back tomorrow advocating for more of the make it free, GUI to match my desktop, gaelic speaker friendly, full video/graphics editor etc suggestions tyou all love. And the day after... And...
Whiterabbit-uk, 06.10.2011, 00:45
Thanks for your feedback NighKev for pointing out OldScotty’s post . However, I don’t think it's nonsense. Every program I install on my computer will cause the computer to slow (maybe only a fraction and only imperceptibly as an individual program, but as you install more programs this miniscule amount becomes more significant, so if all programs could be installed to external drives that require no permanent registry entries not only would it save on system resources it would enable the user to use the program on any of his computers on his home network, (apart from those that Scotty pointed out are copy protected, which I presume is done by using the computers signatures from the CPU and Motherboard and when installed on a fixed HDD the hard drives signature as well), The other option of course would be to create a network mode. For me both are valid suggestions. I’m sorry you feel so put out by my suggestions to the point that you have to post and complain about it, and to attempt to suggest that I’m wrong. Maybe my suggestions could be toned down somewhat, but I still think I’m right. I’ll have to do some reading around as I’m not totally ignorant of others suggestions and am always happy to check into such matters, if only to find the truth of the matter.
As for gaming the system. That's not the reason I post my suggestions each day. I actually enjoy checking the software out and spending some time thinking on how it could be improved; (that is, what I'd like to see included or improved) and, as far as I'm concerned if every program had a portable option so much the better. You may not agree with what I think; that's your prerogative. Just because you develop software doesn't mean you know it all. I've been installing and using software since I purchased my first computer back in the late 80's, so although I’m not a developer I'm not totally unaware of what it's all about and do think that most of my suggestions are valid, even If you don't well, okay, but I’m entitled to my opinion. If it was possible I’d include all of my suggestions in one post, but you can only use a specific number of characters before they disappear, so I started to post suggestions separately for each suggestion I thought would improve the program.
Phaedron, 06.10.2011, 05:04
Once again it has to be said: 'portability means piracy'. If a program isn't installed on an individual computer then it can be installed on any and all computers. People here know software will be stolen if it's not 'written in' to a computer and its registry.
If you expect payment for your daily work then it's fair to expect software publishers to resist piracy and to get paid for their work.
Put your ethics back in.

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